It’s been a week now since I got home from a holiday tour in Europe and still I can’t get over the wonderful trip I had while I was in Munich. It was such a lovely place to visit and how I wish I could go back there soon. Munich is a small city in Germany with a friendly atmosphere and a sophisticated village. It was my first time to travel abroad for a vacation together with my husband but it seemed like I had lived there for years. It was indeed an experience of a life time.



We were actually bound for Switzerland to visit my sister and her family, and after that, we’ll go meet my brother-in-law’s place in Munich which is the 3rd largest city of Germany. I wasn’t really excited about the place but the moment we arrived there, I was amazed by the cool breeze of air with a touch of country and green sceneries. My brother-in-law took us first to Munich Marienplatz, a very green city surrounded by parks and wide boulevards. It was a quiet place but we enjoyed walking around while having some small conversations.

The next stop was to eat, so we took a short break to a nearby restaurant and we got to taste their traditional cuisine and loved the taste of the food they served. You would never be hungry as they have lots of varieties you can choose from whether you are a vegetarian or not.

Of course, I can never resist passing by a shopping center to buy some souvenirs and gifts for my loved ones back home. Shopping in Munich is very smooth and relaxing unlike other places, you wouldn’t feel any rush. I have all the time to choose from international brand names to the traditional designer goods with Bavarian touch.

Since my husband has a passion for cars, we took a visit at the BMW Museum which according to them is one of the most popular museums in Germany. We were able to see for ourselves the history of BMW and how it grew successfully in the business industry.

At last we were on our way to what they call the beer garden in the middle of the boat, The Englischer Garten, and I couldn’t explain how I felt upon seeing the beautiful place where everything is so green and lovely. You would really appreciate how nature inspires people to discover and explore it.

As soon as we arrived at my brother-in-law’s ancestral house, we were greeted and welcomed by his parents with great hospitality. I was so happy to have met these people who wouldn’t give you a chance to be homesick but instead would make you feel at home. I wish I could bring them home to give back the favor but I know they are just as nice as the beautiful place they live in. I will never forget this trip to Munich and someday, I would like to bring my children there for them to experience what I had.